How to disable voicemail on O2 mobile

1. If you are bill pay customer use code ##002#. 2. If you are pre pay customer contact customer care and ask them to disable voice-mail for you. for more options visit Link

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How to configure Read Receipt request in Outlook 2007

Recently I was asked - " How to setup a Read Receipt for all emails I send? ". Because I hear this question once a week I decided to write quick article describing how to do this. It took me 20 mins to take screenshots and put quick article on the website. Then looked at my Outlook [...]

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MikroTik Hotspot with Paypal Setup

1. Description I am going to prepare Hotspot with fallowing futures. User is able to signup on his first connection to the network over the wirelless. User purchase monthly package with speed limit 1, 2, 3, Mbits using Paypal. User able to login just after it with his username and password 2. Used equipment and [...]

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Trojan removal tools

Downloads: Software: Malwarebytes  atf-cleaner SUPERAntiSpyware RootRepeal Dr.Web CureIt Online scanners: Virus total - You can submit a file to be checked with a few scanning engines. Articles: ndis.sys infection removal

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Changing Customer CPE to WDS on Mikrotik

Scenario Customer CPE is connecting to Access Point and NAT translation is done on the radio. CPE is using PPPoE to login to base station. Customer buy for example Firewall and he wants to have Public IP on the WAN port of his firewall. Solution: 1. Setup Customer firewall to connect using PPPoE 2. Setup [...]

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Website tools

Domain  Checkups Alexa Traffic Rank Broken Link Checker Domain  Availability Domain Look-up Domain Whois Instant Domain Checker IP Location Link Price Calculator Ping Test Reciprocal Link Checker Reverse  IP/Look-up Server Status Website Speed Test Search  Engines Backlink Checker Cloaking Checker Google Banned  Checker Google  Datacenter Search Google PageRank Prediction Index  Checker Keyword Density  Checker Keyword [...]

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Mikrotik pptp acess with router access

1. Go to PPP>Interface and press PPTP Server button2. Click Enable nad OK it.3. Go to PPP>Secrets and add account.  Name: yourname ; Password: yourpassword ; Service: PPTP ; Local Address: ; Remote Address Go to Interfaces>Interface and open ether1 ( interface taking your connection to local network) and change ARP from Enabled [...]

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My tools

1. My hosting: 1.1. Parallels Power Panel WHM cPanel 1.2. Control panel 1.3. Control Panel Search Engine My websites >>admin >>newproject >>admin Free CRM Software Free Accounting software Booking solutions   SEO Articles Website tools Check Page Rank of any web [...]

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Share Your ScreenShare Your ScreenDownload and run a small appthat shares your screen withothers.

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