How To sync Files to ABIT Cloud backup

Installing Qsync 1. Login to http://abit.myqnapcloud.com with Your Username and Password. 2. Open "Qsync Central Station 2.0" App 3. In "Getting start with Qsync clients" press Windows icon to download app 4. After QNAPQsync_Windows.exe is saved start installation. 5. Select Language (prefered English) , press Next> and continue standard installation. After that press Finish. Configuring [...]

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KODI 1channel fix and backup

KODI 1channel fix and backup on mac go to users > Name > Library > Application Support > Kodi > Userdata > Database Copy onechannelcache.db Delete all kodi files, reinstall and copy file back. This solved 1 channell url resolver error for me and update issue.

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My Photos

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