Recently I was asked – ” How to setup a Read Receipt for all emails I send? “. Because I hear this question once a week I decided to write quick article describing how to do this. It took me 20 mins to take screenshots and put quick article on the website. Then looked at my Outlook 2007 with choice to leave this option ON or OFF. Automatically switched it OFF.

Simple question went to my head ” Why I would need it? “. The only right answer was “ To know if somebody is reading my emails “. But it is not so easy. Outlook after receiving email will ask recipient to send back Read Receipt but it is only his choice to do it. He  can choose Yes, No or even Never send Read Receipt. So I will be never sure.

There is more issues with Read Receipt. People do not like if, with every email received they have to do something more than just read it. They can feel like “You do not trust them”. Many Companies switch this option OFF by default. Remember this before You start using it.

I will describe two solutions:

I. Setup of Read Receipt Request for all sent emails.

II. Setup of Read Receipt Request for certain (Important) emails.

Personally I prefer the Second solution. Also, You can always put a Red Importance mark which will draw your recipient’s attention to it. But of course it is your own choice.

I. Setup of Read Receipt Request for all sent emails.

1. In Microsoft Outlook go to menu ” Tools /Options..
[imageeffect type=”shadowreflect” width=”454″ height=”527″ shadow=”shadow-medium” alt=”” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/optionsmso2007.jpg” ]
2. On preferences page click on ” E-mail Options…
[imageeffect type=”shadowreflect” width=”404″ height=”443″ shadow=”shadow-medium” alt=”” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/emailoptionsmso2007.jpg” ]
3. In E-mail Options Click on ” Tracking Options….

4. In Tracking Options Under ” For all messages I send, request: ” Check box next to ” Read receipt

5. Click ” OK ” on all screens to Confirm changes.

II. Setup of Read Receipt Request for certain (Important) emails.

1. Open New Message ( CTRL+N)

2. Click on the circle office button in the left top corner and go to Properties.

3.On the general tab You can check box next to ” Read receipt request ” option and/or change ” Importance ” from Normal to High.