How to play avi videos and movies on iPhone or other apple device.

1. You can use apple store to find the software doing that. Disadvantage of this solution is the fact that when you send the video to other apple user , that person needs special software too. as well often you need to pay for codecs.

2. My recommendation is to use HandBrake FREE conversion software to convert it to format you  use on your device.
This solution is free After conversion you will have at least 2 versions of file which you can play on nearly any device.
Time to show how to convert avi video to iPhone format.

2.1. Download free video converter and install it. – HandBrake ( my choice – free, easy to use,working on mac, windows and linux systems) download >>>

2.2. Save your avi videos to one folder.

2.3. Open HandBrake 2.4. Click Tools > Options > Output files and in the field “Default path:” type  {source_path}. his will save the video in the same folder as source file. Then press close. HandBrake2

2.5. Press “Source” button to select avi file or folder with avi files if you have many.


2.6. On the right-hand side select your device from the list.

2.7. Press “Start” button.

2.8. When the process finish  you will find your new video(s)  in the same folder as original videos.

2.9. play your videos in itunes to ensure the quality of conversion.

2.10. Connect your iPhone to computer. Go to iTunes. Press on device name on the top right-hand side.


2.11. On the top bar select “Movies” and make sure that ” Sync Movies” option is ticked. Then check the videos you want to be synced with your device. Press “Sync”

2.12. After process is completed open “Videos” app on the iPhone. You will find your video in “Films” section.



Final Notices and tips:

1. You can play this way converted video straight from the email software on your apple device..

2. Other solution found on Youtube ( NOT TESTED)