Installing Qsync

1. Login to with Your Username and Password.
2. Open “Qsync Central Station 2.0” App
3. In “Getting start with Qsync clients” press Windows icon to download app
4. After QNAPQsync_Windows.exe is saved start installation.
5. Select Language (prefered English) , press Next> and continue standard installation. After that press Finish.

Configuring Qsync

1. On the first screen after start You can read Quick Start Guide by pressing Next until it finish.
2. On the next screen In the field asking for Ip or my QNAPcloud put
3. Put your Username and Password in the next too fields and press Apply
4. On the next screen select Next and then Finish

App Will now sync all added files .
To access/ add your photo Right click on Qsync icon and then on Folder icon.