1. Go to PPP>Interface and press PPTP Server button

2. Click Enable nad OK it.

3. Go to PPP>Secrets and add account.  Name: yourname ; Password: yourpassword ; Service: PPTP ; Local Address: ; Remote Address

4. Go to Interfaces>Interface and open ether1 ( interface taking your connection to local network) and change ARP from Enabled to ARP-proxy

5. Configure VPN windows connection with yourname yourpassword and routerboard public IP address

6. Connect to routerboard using VPN.

7. check if ping to is working as well  ping your wireless router ip address.

8. use your browser to navigate to your router IP address.





interface pptp-server server set enabled=yes
ppp secret add name=remoteuser password=xxx service=pptp remote-address= local-address=
interface ethernet set ether1 arp=proxy-arp



ppp secret remove remoteuser

interface pptp-server server set enabled=no

interface ethernet set ether1 arp=enabled